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April through October
Sundays 1-4 PM (except Easter)
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Hancock’s Spring Cleaning - 2021 

These tasks must be done whether we open on not. Bill would love to have help doing these tasks. If you are interested in helping please contact Bill at 410-952-2798 to confirm a time to help.

Turn on pumps (Danny Nislein)

Main House

  • Sweep
    • Floor
    • Walls for Cobwebs
  • Clean Windows and wipe Windowsills and Window casings with damp cloth (inside and out)
  • Dust & wipe mantel with damp cloth
  • Dust Desk and Contents
  • Dust Spinning Wheel
  • Dust & wipe Bed with a damp cloth (you may have to remove some of the slats to wipe headboard)
  • Dust / Clean Map in frame
  • Vacuum floor

Main House Second Floor

  • Sweep:
    • Floor
    • Steps
    • Window Cases
    • Cobwebs from wall and ceiling
  • Vacuum
    • Floor
    • Steps
  • Clean Windows (be careful of loose panes)


  • Rake dirt floor
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Sweep Steps
  • Remove Cobwebs from steps, stone walls and under steps wooden cover


  • Sweep Floors
  • Vacuum Floors
  • Clean Window
  • Clean Items in Hyphen (both sides): Yarn Winder, cabbage slicer, Garden Tools, Games

Organize items in Hyphen 


  • Sweep Floor
  • Wipe table and cabinet items with damp cloth
  • Organizes table and cabinet items
  • Vacuum floor
  • Scrape whitewash and white stain from window glass
  • Wash windows

Kitchen Second Floor

  • Sweep Floor
  • Sweep Steps
  • Vacuum Floor and Steps

Summer Kitchen

  • Scrape whitewash and white stain from window glass
  • Wash windows
  • Wipe window frames and sills with damp cloth
  • Rake dirt floor

Milk House

  • Remove items from shelves and floor to outside
  • Dust shelves
  • Wipe shelves with a damp cloth
  • Dust Milk House items
  • Return Milk House items to shelves and floor


  • Dust shelves
  • Clean shelve and floor items with a damp cloth
  • Clean cabinet shelves (two cabinets)
  • Wash cabinet glass
  • Return items to cabinet shelves
  • Sweep walls and rafters to remove cobwebs and dust
  • Sweep floor
  • Scrape whitewash and white stain from windows
  • Wash windows  

Morton Building

  • Sweep floor
  • Organize items on and under tables
  • Organize items on desk
  • Prepare Lawn Mower (Oil, Spark Plugs), Tracker (Battery, Oil, Tires, Engine) small and large Golf Cart (Batteries and Tires) for the season


  • Nancy


  • Kevin

Old Well

  • Open Old Well’s box.
  • Sweep debris on inside platform into a dust pan being careful not to fall in or drop debris into the well
  • Draw several buckets of water from the well to check the quality of the water.
  • Close Old Well

Hand Pump

  • Inspect hand pump’s inner leather parts (repair as needed)
  • Remove one of the hand pump’s platform boards to access the hand pump tank’s valve used to empty the tank.
  • Close hand pump tank’s valve (located at the base of the tank under the hand pump)

Bladder Tank: located in a chamber outside of the house fence. The chamber’s opening is covered by a large plywood circle

  • Turn on power to the well (circuit breaker is located in the store)
  • This will fill the bladder tank (well pump will shut off automatically when tank is full)
  • After bladder tank is full: turn on valve to fill pump tank: (located in the same chamber)
  • Close valve when pump tank is filled
  • Cover chamber opening with the plywood circle
Sunday, March 21, 2021