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April through October
Sundays 1-4 PM (except Easter)
Extended hours based per event.

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What's New at Hancock's Resolution

One of the important things to remember about a farm is that there is always something to repair. This year as we reopen you may notice the new driveway. The roof has been repaired. There is a reforestation area started. The lavender that survived has been replanted and new plants have been added.

The Docent Training is open to anyone who shows up. I am open to suggestions of presenters and ideas of how to approach the topics.

June 25

First Sunday in Summer - Docent Training

Show and Tell of George Washington Calvert's 1800s Tools by Gary Calvert

August 13

Docent Training - Care and Maintenance of Old Wood Furniture

 Beekeeping Demonstrations

July 9

Docent Training -

Learning How to Spin with a Drop Spindle and Demos with a Spinning Wheel by Lisa Geyer

Beekeeping Demonstrations

August 27

Docent Training - Care, Use, and maintenance of Garden Tools (to be arranged)

July 16

Introducing a new program for Discussion “Colonial Land Surveying vs. Modern Land Surveying” with Bill Bower, Chairman, Chesapeake Chapter, Maryland Society of Surveyors.

From the Earliest Days of Colonial Maryland, you could not buy land
without a Survey of the land in question.  How did they do that then? How is that done now?

Mr. Bower is ready to discuss these interesting subjects with us.

September 3

Labor Day - Docent Training

Family Memories, Graveyard information, Period Transportation (to be arranged)

July 23

Docent Training - Captain Francis Hancock plaque at Ft. McHenry - Battle of Baltimore - Bodkin Point Telegraph (work in progress)

September 24

Docent Training - Women of the Family (to be arranged)

July 30

Docent Training - How to use the Grinding Stone 

October 8

Docent Training - Food Preservation, Food Preparation, Kitchen Tools (to be arranged)

August 6

Docent Training - Period Clothing - Set up a chest of clothing for Children - What is Flax? (to be arranged)



June 25; July 9; July 16; July 23; July 30; August 6; August 13; August 27; September 3; September 24; October 8:     Park open for touring - no special program.

Sunday, June 25, 2017