Public Hours

April through October
Sundays 1-4 PM (except Easter)
Extended hours based per event.


Open for Tours of House and Grounds

Due to COVID-19 we have no tours or open buildings. COVID19 distancing and restrictions are in place. 

Barn-Visitor Center - Previous Activity 


The Main House, Hyphen and Kitchen will have their roofs replace in the very near Future

                         Watch the progress on this page.

                         The Old Roofs before their Replacement.


Check out our wildlife


One of the important things to remember about a farm is that there is always something to repair. This year as we reopen you may notice the new driveway. The roof has been repaired. There is a reforestation area started. The lavender that survived has been replanted and new plants have been added.

May 24; June 28;  July 12; July 19;  July 26; August 2;August 9;  August 16; August 30; September 6:     Park open for touring - no special program.

AA Parks and Recs

Sunday, June 6, 2021