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Come see what is in bloom

Among Quince, Plum trees and Lilacs - Come see what is in bloom!

2018 Event

Among Quince, Plum trees and Lilacs - Come see what is in bloom!


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April 15, 2018


1 pm to 4 pm



Quince (pink) and Chickasaw Plums (white) likely in bloom.

Flowering Quince Bloom

Flowering Quince Bud

Flowering quince is a compact shrub that produces masses of gorgeous red flowers in April. It is deer resistant, but attracts rabbits.

Chickasaw Plum

Chickasaw plum grows 12 to 20 feet tall and 15 to 20 feet wide in an irregular shape. It is "twiggy" in nature, and has a scaly, almost black bark. Its branches are reddish with a thorn-like, small side branches. In February, March, April and May, small white flowers blossom, 8–9 mm wide, along with red plums, up to 25 mm long. The flowers have five white petals with reddish or orange anthers. The plums are cherry-like and tend to be quite tart until they fully ripen. They ripen in late summer. It requires low to medium amounts of water to grow, and dry, sandy or loose soil. It grows best in areas with regular sunlight or areas of partial shade. It was originally cultivated by Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans.

Sunday, April 15, 2018