Public Hours

April through October
Sundays 1-4 PM (except Easter)
Extended hours based per event.

(410) 255-4048

Check out our Wildlife

We enjoy observing all of our special visitors.

Tasting the Lavender


Many Gold Finches at Hancock's


A few Dragon Fly visited Hancock's this year


One of many Butterflys


Lady Bug sharing a plant with and ant at Hancock's


Harlequin Bug


Checking out Hancock Plants


Moth in Hancock Garden


Checking out the Paw Paw patch 


Box Turtle. June 6, 2018

Turkey Vulture  June 6, 2018

May 2018

Wildlife at Hancock's Resolution

Spotted turtle - Endangered

This visitor was found checking out our gardens in March. It is a spotted turtle, one of our endangered species.

This osprey decided to drop in for lunch one day.

Osprey with fish